Chris Peak, Designer and Photographer

My name is Chris Peak.
I am a designer and photographer from Chicago.

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Starting a new routine

February 11 2019

Who says you have to start new routines and improvements at New Years? This past week the wife and I have been tearing through our house using the Marie Kondo...

Learning React

November 16 2018

I'm continuing to learn React while not working on client engagements, and to make things more realistic I am building a small web application that we might be able to...

React Boston

September 29 2018

After coming back from vacation I dove head first into client work to get a project over the finish line so I didn't really devote much time to learning React...

CSS Counter-Increments

August 24 2018

This week I dove back into the world of Craft CMS after a brief break between engagements. Its interesting, after just a few weeks spent learning React on and off,...

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