My name is Chris Peak.
I am a designer and photographer from Chicago, IL.

I am a Designer at 8th Light in Chicago, where I spend most of my time creating beautiful & simple websites and applications. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, and have also been an avid photographer for over twenty years.

Recent Posts

A Perfect Photo Grid May 19 2016

For a while now I have been trying to use Masonry to create a seamless grid of photos on my photography site, Gorilla-Studios, but haven't been able to get a layout without small gaps or breaks in the grid. The problem was that it had to be responsive meaning Masonry was a must, and I needed both horizontal and vertical images plus oversized 'marquee' images that would take up two of the 4 columns (on desktop).

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Chalkboard Art Jun 05 2015

I spent the afternoon creating some new chalkboard art for the wall at work. The quote came from a short film called Shaped on all Six Sides about the craftsmanship involved in building and maintaining wooden boats.

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Living in the future Mar 02 2015

The problem with living in the future is nobody looks ahead anymore. Everything new has to be mind-blowing and jaw-dropping and revolutionary, otherwise it sucks. I keep reading more and more about the upcoming Apple Watch and I shake my head at how stupid people sound criticizing it.

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