My name is Chris Peak.
I am a designer and photographer from Chicago, IL.

I am a Designer at 8th Light in Chicago, where I spend most of my time creating beautiful & simple websites and applications. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, and have also been an avid photographer for over twenty years.

Recent Posts

No Face - Learning Fast Nov 12 2017

The wonderful thing about having a toddler at home is being able to introduce her to the works of Hayao Miyazaki, which also means some great opportunities for Halloween costumes. This year my daughter watched Sprited Away for the first time and absolutely loved it. After repeated viewings and some inspiration from Adam Savage I decided to create a No Face costume for trick-or-treating. For those who don't know Sprited Away, I implore you, go see it now. Anyway, on to the build...

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Progress Jul 10 2017

The main focus of my Tech Cohort goals center around learning CSS3 Grids. I hadn't spent much time on it before due to lack of browser support but that is changing quickly, so its time to get up to speed.

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One Post At A Time Jul 10 2017

My last blog post was from May of last year, the one before that was June the year before. I have one draft post from November that never got much attention beyond the first day, in fact I didn't realize it was there until this morning. The fact is I need to write more. In order to grow as a writer, designer, and communicator in general I need to write more. This is the first step.

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