One Post At A Time

My last blog post was from May of last year, the one before that was June the year before. I have one draft post from November that never got much attention beyond the first day, in fact I didn't realize it was there until this morning. The fact is I need to write more. In order to grow as a writer, designer, and communicator in general I need to write more. This is the first step.

For a long time I have wondered why I would write a technical post on something design related when there's already 100 out there. I gave up without trying. I just figured if I didn't write something that would go viral and get 1000's of tweets it just wasn't worth it. What I need to get through my thick skull is that I am not going to write one like that out of the blue. I need to practice. I need to find my voice. And I need to get off my ass and start writing.

I am starting a Technical Cohort session at work where we set goals and hold each other accountable to reach them, sort of a learning support group. I joined with hesitation, but I want to stick with it. I completed the first two weeks assignment, but fell behind for weeks three and four. As part of my pursuit of mastery, blogging and communicating what I am learning is essential.

Im going to try to bang out a quick blog post once a week or so, and try to keep in my mind that this is my personal blog, not some national publication. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to stumble here and there. But the important part is I am going to improve.

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