Working Remotely

working remotely

For the month of November my company has graciously allowed me to work remotely so I could travel and be with family. It is going to be an experiment to see how working remotely will impact my client work, the relationship with the design team in the office, my mental health, and my waza project. Throughout the month I will be taking notes on how I am performing my duties, how I am keeping up with the usual work load, and in general how things are going.

My wife and I have rented a small house in South Eastern Connecticut nestled in Stonington Borough. From my desk I can hear the fog horns from the harbor, and the small church bells chiming off the hours throughout the day. For me, this is the ideal work environment. Free of the usual office distractions, I can focus on work while being able to step away from my desk and instantly be with my wife and two month old daughter.

I'll share my thoughts througout the month on how things are going, as well as an in-depth look at the month overall when I am back in Chicago.

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