The problem with living in the future is nobody looks ahead anymore. Everything new has to be mind-blowing and jaw-dropping and revolutionary, otherwise it sucks. I keep reading more and more about the upcoming Apple Watch and I shake my head at how stupid people sound criticizing it.

According to these pundits it will fail because it only has 1 day of battery life, or its too big, or missing this feature or that. Its absolutely ridiculous. Nobody remembers that when the original iPhone came out it couldn't cut/copy/paste. There was no App Store. It was on the EDGE network. It was extremely limited. It was the beginning - and now eight years later look at the iPhone 6+. A gigantic Retina display, great battery life, TouchID, super fast 64bit processor, everything about it makes the original iPhone look like garbage. But without the original, we wouldn't have the 6+.

iPhones courtesy Daring Fireball

Think of the difference between the original iPhone and the iPhone 6. Now think what the Apple Watch will be like in eight years. That is what gets me excited about the Apple Watch, and wearables in general. Sure the first generation won't be the most amazing things around, but in a few years we are going to see some mind-blowing products.

That is also what keeps me excited about the products we have now. If I could go back only five or six years and give myself my 'old' iPhone 4 I would be amazed still, and I don't want to forget that. We are living in the future right now and that is awesome.

Image courtesy of Daring Fireball