My name is Chris Peak and I am a designer & web developer.

I love building things. I specialize in front end development, working in multiple frameworks and languages, recently diving deep into React. I am a principal designer at 8th Light. When not in front of my laptop I enjoy photography, and riding my recumbent bike.


  • Linear LWB vs SWB

    Jul 01 2021

    I often get asked out on the trail about my bike, and love talking about all things recumbent. Most often I'm asked "is it comfortable?" (yes, very), "How do you steer it?" (the handlebars are under the seat), and "How far can you ride on it?" (miles and miles without a sore butt). I love explaining it all, and a...

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  • Weekly Update

    Jun 25 2021

    This week's win(s) Huge win this week on a side project for work. An app I've been playing around with for years got the green light to get some developer help and published internally, so work finally got "started". A pair of developers dove into my rickety Typescript code and got a lot of things fixed very quickly, and thankfully...

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Selected posts

  • border: 1px solid red;

    Aug 10 2020

    So a week or two ago I saw a thread on Twitter where people were howling about how awful border: 1px solid red; was for CSS debugging. While some of them had a few points, the general consensus was that it was worthless and you're an awful human being if you used it. You know how Twitter is. I use...

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  • Cascading Colors

    Nov 07 2019

    I briefly wrote about how this site handles color switches across pages in one of my first re-write posts, but I wanted to dive deeper and specifically look at how I set my code up and what things I needed to cover. Lets take a look. The key to being able to define a different color set on each page...

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  • Redesign Overview

    Aug 23 2019

    Wiping the slate clean As I said in my previous post I wanted to rebuild my site top to bottom. Looking at my repo I had a ton of images no longer in use, weird testing pages for clients that were long past being relevant, a mish-mash of script tags floating around, and the CSS needed a bit of love....

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  • console.log('is my hero')

    Aug 20 2019

    While building out pages in basic HTML + CSS my go to debugging tool is "border: 1px solid red;". I use it so much it's practically a nervous tick. However when I'm working in Javascript or more specifically React console.log() is my hero. console.log() outputs anything you need in order to diagnose problems in your dev environment. If you have...

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  • ngrok

    Aug 15 2019

    Sharing work done from your local environment is sometimes a pain, especially at standup, through Zoom, Slack, or some other method. Things don't resolve enough, there's too much lag, and the stakeholder can't click anything or look at it in browser. Thankfully not long ago I learned about a command line tool that can temporarily generate a public URL allowing...

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I fell in love with computers at an early age - learning Pascal and C++ in High School, moving on to HTML which better suited my interests. As the web matured I kept up with the technologies, learning CSS (and SCSS), Javascript, JQuery, and evetually modern tools like React. I strive to design clean, accessible, and beautiful websites & applications.

I've been lucky enough to work on a diverse palette of projects - from independent record companies and tiny startups, to major insurance companies, law firms, gloabally recognized art museums, and Fortune 100s.

I pride myself as being able to step into legacy codebases without previous exposure and almost immediately start delivering work. Having both freelanced and consulted for over a decade I have seen, touched, written in, and worked on more systems than I can count. I am comfortable working from small marketing sites to full-on enterprise level applications. It's not often you find a designer who uses VIM on a daily basis.

Additionally I have experience in UX Design, UI Design, branding, illustration, and even conference organization and hosting. I am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Sketch.

When I'm not working I enjoy photography, astronomy, hiking, riding my recumbent bike, playing my Gretsch, and spending time with my family.

Visual Design

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