Starting Fresh

I really can't help it. It's like clockwork - every six to nine months I get tired of my blog and redesign the whole thing. My first commit was April 2nd, 2012, back when I was in my apprenticeship. I don't know how many re-writes I've done since then, but its been a lot. The problem is that while I redesign the visuals, most of the back end, and the posts have remained. A lot of cruft has built up over time: random posts that aren't important or even relevant, snippets of code or CSS, and a ton of images. Last night I decided to wipe the slate clean.

The impetus for this change was that I recently forked my blog feed. I tried to have separate 'tracks' - one for public consumption, and a separate set of posts just to share knowledge with the Design Team here at work. It worked perfectly, and everything was set until I pushed to master on Github Pages. I didn't realize that plugins are disabled for security reasons, and I was basing that whole fork on a plugin that can navigate the reader through posts of a specific category. I disabled the navigation and kept the design posts hidden out of site, but this was just out of frustration. I also realized that I shouldn't be hiding anything. If I have something to write, or a useful tidbit to share, why not share it with everyone?

So here we are

I had a good idea in my head of what I wanted the end product to look and feel like, so instead of doing the right thing and doing some rough wireframes and mockups I dove straight into code.

My repo started with ZERO CSS, ZERO Javascript, and a simple Index.html that lists blog posts. My goal was to make it fun, colorful, and flexible, but as tight as possible. No JS unless absolutely necessary. Only the bare minimum CSS with as few media queries as I could get away with.

So far so good

I'm starting over here. I'll probably bring over a few posts from the last few weeks, but other than that the older posts may rest in obsolescence.

My hope is to focus more on writing and sharing knowledge, and now that I have a clean foundation to work on, I hope I keep on top of writing. Here we go...

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