Week Notes

What I worked on

I dove into the Vagrant box setup for my current project on Monday morning, and with a little clarification from my teammate I was off to the races. It was overly complex, but I am putting together a little micro-site that lives within the current marketing site's codebase. Despite it being inside the current site I was free to setup my own template and CSS structure. I pulled over a few things to make sure things were consistent, but I wasn't burdened down by a mountain of legacy code.

Positive Notes

After consulting with the clients designers I learned the site header was fixed in place and shrunk down to save space after scrolling. I initially pulled in StickyJS but immediately ran into some issues where a few absolute positioned elements weren't obeying the z-index order. After 15 minutes of futzing I scrapped that plan and just fixed the nav in place and used a simple javascript check on pageYOffset to add or remove a class depending on if the page was at the top or not. Very simple and didn't need an additional Javascript library to use one feature. That's a win.


Not a bad week. Had some curveballs thrown at me in terms of design specs that weren't in the initial PDFs but thats always the case. I still feel good about coming in before launch date.

What's next

Ramping down on my current project and moving to around half-time while ramping up on my next one which will be in React again, looking forward to it.

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