Week Notes

What I worked on

This week was mostly spent wrapping up my current project, doing little design tweaks, and implementing feedback from the stakeholders. A few technical challenges were overcome, mainly dealing with StickyJS.

Another fun thing I did this week was create a little navigation link underline that spreads out from the center. I did it by adding a blank span after all the links, width at 0% and left 50%. On :hover I set it to width 100% and left 0% with a transition, giving the appearance of growing outwards, instead of whats actually happening - its shifting to the left at the same speed its going from 0 to 100% width. You can see the live example up in the navigation here, or in this exaggerated delay below.

Example Link Animation

Positive Notes

Earlier this week Jen Simmons tweeted out a quick demonstration of new underline styles that are coming in CSS. Right now the features has limited support in Safari and Firefox, and none in Chrome, IE/Edge, and others. We will have the ability to change the vertical offset, line color, thickness, style, and more. Im looking forward to this.

If you're in Chrome right now, this next sentence will look like a standard underline. If your browser supports it, it should be different. Underline with descenders q p and j.


Not a bad week, mainly just spent it head down and focused on work.

What's next

Heading back into the React world next week with my next client project. Its a small one, but should be fun. After that its a lot of PTO closer to the holidays - and in anticipation of that I picked up Shoot For The Moon by James Donovan, its a book about the space race and specifically the Apollo 11 mission.

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