Week Notes

What I worked on

First full week on a new project and its going very well. Shifting back to working in React means I'm forgetting to use className instead of class all over the place, although I think that should slow down soon. I feel a lot more comfortable doing the basics like breaking things out into components, managing state, and various dev tasks. That's progress.

Something else I put together was a pure-css spinner. The client provided a simple mockup with a thick circle where a quarter of it was a different color than the rest. It immediately clicked in my mind that I could (see the example below) 1) create a square with the border-top color different from the rest, 2) apply a 50% radius to it, and 3) simply use a @keyframe to animate it. No need to do anything more complex than that, plus we could manipulate the animation or colors in the future very easily.

Positive Notes

Just a good week full of a lot of work. I did some support on my other project but it was small tweaks and getting it prepped for launch.

After a month of forgetting about my RSS feed I went back and caught up on some articles, and one in particular stuck out in my mind that I would love to explore and maybe write about in the future. John Gruber at Daring Fireball made a quick post about maintainable code vs clever code that I really loved. Definitely food for thought.

What's next

More work on the current project as we head towards the end of the year. Looking forward to taking some time off around the holidays. I've been doing this long enough to have realized and identify two symptoms that I need a break - 1) random eye twitching that won't stop and 2) dreaming about work/code solutions. Lately I've woken up in the middle of the night thinking about code - that's when I know its time to step away from the keyboard for a bit.

Something I Learned

When using VIM I can turn on spell check with :set spell, and jump between words with [s and ]s. Not that I ever misspell anything.

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