Week Notes

What I worked on

Second full week on this project and I was blocked a bit early on. We knocked out all the design features they requested last week very fast, and I don't think they were quite ready. Their designer finally delivered the mockups to be built and I was able to get to work. One challenging thing we're going to have to address is the document viewer - when the user clicks a link a panel slides in and the view breaks into a 2 columns 50/50 split. There is going to be situations where both panels will need to scroll which is confusing at best. Going to have to look at that next week.

Outside of work I completely re-wrote and launched my photography site, Gorilla-Studios. I stole quite a few ideas from this site, including completely ripping off the blog index. Also I took the per-page dynamic background and color text one step further - since it's a photography site I can set individual images and then have the content slowly slide in above it. I think its really impactful. Probably some more tweaking but I love the new design.

Positive Notes

Getting close to the holidays which means I get to burn my PTO off at an alarming rate.

What's next

Next week is a short week so lots to do before Thanksgiving break. Also I'd like to make some more additions to my photography site. Like with this site I blew away *all* the old content and only brought over exactly what was essential. I need to expand the galleries a bit, but I like having only my best photos displayed.

Something I Learned

While I roughly understood the concept, I finally used a ternary operator in a real codebase. A ternary is essentially a one-line if/else statement. It's setup like this: condition ? ifTrue: ifFalse.

Using the ternary I could toggle my layout based on if the document viewer was rendered or not: documentViewer === null ? singleColumn: doubleColumn. So if the documentViewer is null, the layout is one single column, and if React renders the viewer, the layout will slide over into a double column view.

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