A Fresh New Year

After a nice break, I'm back at my desk to start the new year. For the past few years I have piled up my PTO and burned most of it in December, which I enjoy. It gives me a good amount of time to decompress and spend time with my family not thinking about getting back to work. Luckily I have a job that allows me this kind of flexibility, so I always keep that in mind and am very thankful.


So far so good on the redesign of the site. Since bulldozing it in August I am still really happy with the design - that may be a record. I'm not sure if I am going to add many features this year, probably just tweaks here and there while focusing on writing. My goal was to write posts journaling what I had learned week to week, and I kept up with it (minus my time off), so I plan on sticking to it and keep it going.


Looking ahead I really want to keep up writing, so my goal is to have 40 or 50 posts this year. For non-work related goals I plan on taking better care of myself, getting back into yoga, eating better, and being more positive. I also want to pick up the guitar again and stick with it. Hopefully I'll be able to practice at least a few minutes per day, which should produce some steady improvement.

The Great Catalina Update

I made the leap and updated to Catalina, saying goodbye to 32bit. The biggest loss is SimCity 4 and Counter Strike which honestly will only make me more productive, although it was nice to take a break from work sometimes to play a quick round on Dust2. I don't see too many issues so far, nothing crashed, nor were there any issues with the update itself, but we'll see how it plays out...

The only other app that's been sunsetted is TextWrangler which I have been using for a long time. It's been rolled into BBEdit which I haven't used since, im guessing, the Mac OS 8 days. I love the fact that Bare Bones have been actively developing Mac apps since the early 90s.

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