Back to the routine

What I worked on

This time of year is pretty quiet, so client work is sparse at the moment. I've been working on internal projects and learning a lot, specifically taking another look at implementing Google OAuth in my React project. Not a lot of headway, but Im just getting started.

What I learned

My head is still spinning from the OAuth work, but one thing I did learn was a fun bash alias trick for chaining commands. I previously wrote a post about terminal tips, part of which touched on bash shortcuts. I had a number of them set to jump to certain directories, which was handy, but I wondered if I could jump to a directory and run a command. I jumped into Slack and asked if I could do something like alias foo = 'cd ~/Sites/project && jekyll serve', which would jump to the project directory and spin up the Jekyll server all in one command. Apparently I was 100% correct, and that alias worked perfectly. It seems I can use && or ; to separate the commands, where the && means run the first command, and only run the second if the first succeeds. Using ; means run both no matter what.

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