Google OAuth

What I worked on:

Today for Waza I took another look at my React app and how to integrate Google OAuth so its only available to people within our organization. I finally got everything sort of setup and working, however there is no session info right now, so it's asking for a login on each page load.

Login screen for my React app

On my first check of the app I realized it would accept any Google account, so I dove into the admin control panel and thankfully found the option to limit it to our organization fairly quickly. Now I just need to knock out sessions.

What I learned:

I have a better understanding of how the process works with the call out to the server and either a positive or negative response. However this all may be just a learning exercise, it might be easer to set the security on the subdomain we want to use, but that will be a discussion with some devs.

Positive notes:

Last week Friday was Valentine's Day, so I gave myself a pass for not writing a blog post...

So close to getting this app to launch. The only two things I want to take care of for the 1.0 release are the login/session issue and getting the filtering working correctly. Other than that, I love the current visual design, and have plenty of ideas for later releases. Until then, I want to get it launched.

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