Storybook, Speakers, and SimCity

What I worked on:

I took a deep dive into my first true TypeScript project this week, while setting up Storybook so we can use styled components. Since I'm a luddite who prefers straight HTML & CSS, this is a whole new approach that I was hesitant about making, but after some reassurances from a senior designer on our team I took the leap. I only have some basic components built right now, but I am coming around to having all the styling locked into the individual pieces. It certainly is an interesting approach, and I'll have more to say on it once I start playing with real content.

What I learned:

How to setup Storybook and the practical differences between React standard and React + Typescript. I'm getting a better feel for how the system works, but still have a long way to go.

The right speaker on my Macbook Pro seems to have blown at some point. I turned on Revolver by The Beatles, which in stereo has the vocals and some instruments on the right channel, and the drums + others on the left, and was horrified when Paul started signing Taxman that it sounded like he was stuffed into a closet. I did a quick restart just to make sure it wasn't software. After a restart there were some apps I didn't want to start automatically anymore so I went back into System Preferences only to realize I had a handful of pref panes missing?! Thoroughly confused, it took me some time to learn that you can click and hold the grid icon at the top, then there's an Edit option on the menu that pops up. There you can toggle which ones you see and which ones you don't. I really think this shouldn't be an option. Maybe limit them for some users? But I'm an admin, give me everything dammit. Oh and the speaker is still blown.

Positive notes:

While troubleshooting the speaker issue, I checked my System Updates panel to find a pleasant surprise: SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition was updated to 64bit, meaning I can play it on my Macbook Pro again after making the jump to Catalina. That's a nice surprise. The update killed a majority of my Steam library, so having at least one app back is nice, especially since I really thought it was gone for good...

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