What I worked on:

I missed last week due to closing on my first house which went incredibly well. We moved last Saturday and have been wading through a sea of boxes ever since. Its been almost a week and we're almost unpacked. This week has been just getting settled in and back into the flow of working.

What I learned:

I've been hard at work building out stylized components in React + Typescript and Storybook which is a really interesting approach that I really like. At first I thought I would disagree with keeping the styling locked down to each component but so far it's been very nice.

Positive notes:

Despite everything shutting down and people rather ... on edge, we're trying to stay positive. Being in the new house is really uplifting, it's still a little surreal to be a homeowner, especially of a house that I really never thought I could own. I'll post some photos once things settle down, till then, keep washing those hands.

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