Quarantine Week 2

What I worked on:

Still cranking away at our internal React + Storybook JS project which is really fun now that I have a hang of styled components. Apart from that it's just been laying low at home and getting unpacked/settled into the new house.

What I learned:

I'm learning the ins and outs of styled components. Initially I assumed the styling was completely contained in the component itself, but I realized when I was putting pages together that if you're not careful styling can bleed down into the children components. I was lazy and targeted a generic h2 element, and quickly realized the child component h2's were being effected as well. Just food for thought. Not a huge issue if you're careful, but you have to realize it's not cut and dry siloed styles.

Positive notes:

Week 2 of the Covid quarantine wasn't too bad. My office is really pushing hard the idea of taking care of our mental health now that we are all 100% remote for the foreseeable future. We have a daily pre-standup Zoom call just to join and talk about whatever, sort of a virtual water cooler chat. It's a really great way to start off the day.

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