Quarantine Week 3

What I worked on:

Continued working on our React + Storybook project and really feeling comfortable with styled components. I love the structure and how clean my code seems to be staying. No issues so far. The stay-at-home order for Covid is going alright, thank god we're in the new house instead of our old place. I really count myself lucky with the fact we have such a large plot of land out back that we can explore now that spring is finally here.

I also ran over to Menard's and got some supplies to officially kick off the basement remodel. Going to start hanging drywall on the ceiling soon, although drilling inside is a bit too loud, it startles the 10 month old, so I can only do it when she's outside with Momma, that may slow things down considerably.

My basement with just the wall studs and not much else

What I learned:

I can't think of anything specific to be honest. These days are blurring together. I had a challenge with some client work of taking a page with a new set of stylesheets for a future update and shoe-horning it into the old design while managing a set of conflicts that arose from things being overridden.

Positive notes:

We're trying to stay positive and are hunkered down. We have enough food and supplies so we're okay. Finally got to use the firepit for the first time, although I need to clean it out so I can have a nice sustainable fire.

First fire of the season
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