Weekly Update

What I worked on:

These past two weeks have been split working on the internal React project and a small recurring client project. I missed last weeks post just as a mental break. It was in the upper 70s so I stepped away from my computer and just went out back to hang out with the family and start a good size fire. This week the temperatures plummeted again, thanks Chicago.

What I learned:

This week I have been doing a lot of CSS Grid work across a few codebases, and finally it's clicked in my head on how to properly use it in real world scenarios. I find I don't have to refer to the Grid Guide almost at all, and when I look at a layout across different breakpoints I can mentally setup the layout before touching the keyboard. It's a good feeling to be at that level - I still have more to learn, but I feel comfortable using it now.

I was also able to jump on a call last night with a co-worker and talk through an interesting layout/CSS challenge. I threw together a quick proof of concept to show the team and I think we've landed on a good solution.

Positive notes:

I feel that I am in a good place to launch my other React project for work soon, I just have to get hosting setup with a developer and we should be good to go. Getting anything over the finish line during this whole ordeal feels like a major victory, especially since I've been playing around with this application for at least 3 years or so.

It's also spring, so while the weather is up and down we're getting days of temperatures above 70 degrees which lifts everyone's spirits. Almost time to take the tractor for its inaugural spin.

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