Weekly Update

What I worked on:

Quarantine week 6. Yikes.

This week was mostly our internal React project but today was an interesting shift - I jumped on a discovery call discussing a Covid symptom and tracking app with our team in the UK. It sounds like an important project but the clock is ticking and the client wants the marketing site ready in 3 weeks. Problem is this is a new venture which means no name, zero branding, no assets, nothing. The app has been in development for a while now, but we haven't seen it yet. Nothing like hitting the gas with no idea of where you're going. However in the current climate, time is of the essence. Let's see if we can do some good.

What I learned:

Just another week refining my mastery of CSS Grid. There's only a few things I still need Flexbox for, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I went back into my pet React project that I built using Flexbox for some of the layout and made some good improvements. I love refactoring code, especially when my commits are net negative in terms of lines of code. Good, clean, tight code, so nice.

Positive notes:

We had a few nice days of weather last weekend before the temperature dropped again, so I had a chance to get out back and test out my new wood splitting maul. It's great for stress relief and a good workout, I was only out there a half hour but worked up a good sweat.

My new woodsplitting maul
My new woodsplitting maul
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