Focus on Productivity

What I worked on:

Productivity was the name of the game this week - I have been focused on getting my home office set up. This all stemmed from getting annoyed with my office chair, so I went online to review some better ones and quickly fell down the rabbit hole of looking at desks, monitors, keyboards, and more. After getting over the sticker shock of Herman Miller chairs I decided to see if my current one could be adjusted to fit me better and thankfully the answer is yes. I locked it so I don't lean back (big improvement), tweaked the lumbar support, and raised the arms a bit. Now I find it much more comfortable for long periods of time.

On the digital side of things I started playing with Notion, a productivity app. For a brief time I enjoyed using checklists in a physical notebook but shifted to using Apple's Reminders app to be a bit faster. The problem is that Reminders is fairly limited and it was a "good enough" solution.

While watching a YouTube video of someone showing off their office, they mentioned Notion keeps them on track. I setup a free account (awesome) and was immediately impressed. Afer playing around with it for about 15 minutes I already had a nice daily goals list for this week, and even used it to create a template for upcoming weeks. On each page you can set a header image, picking from a beautiful gallery of art pieces from famous museums. It even grabs a random one for you right off the bat.

Notion app week planner view

You can see I started adding some various daily tasks in there that I know I'll be performing every week. I plan on sitting down early on Monday mornings and adding a rough set of tasks for the week ahead. We'll see how it goes. So far this method has kept me on track, so when I complete something I tick it off the list and see what else I wanted to accomplish that day instead of glancing over at Twitter or Slack.

Speaking of being distracted, I bumped Slack and Twitter off my second display. My Apple 30" Cinema display is my primary desktop, and I use it for web browsers and my terminal/Vim overlay. My Macbook is off to the side and for a long time it had Slack and Twitter split 50/50. I slid them over to another virtual desktop, bumping Notion front and center. Swiping right is Calendar set to fullscreen on today, next Slack & Messages on desktop three, with Twitter on desktop 4. Having the one-two punch of Notion and Calendar has felt great for the past few days, I like having my "distraction" apps way off to the side.

What I learned:

Getting setup in Notion I feel I've barely scratched the surface. I'm using it for daily tasks, but they have templates for Notes, Reading Lists, full on Calendars, Journals, and a whole lot more. I'm just getting started, so I'm looking forward to exploring more features as I customize it to my workflow.

Positive notes:

My desktop display riser should be here in a few days, along with a mic on a swing arm. I already love my home office and I plan on doing more to make it even better. I plan on repainting everything with an accent wall behind me, then adding some shelving and pssibly some built-in bookcases. It's satisfying having a working environment you want to be in.

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