Desk Upgrades

What I worked on:

Kicked off a new client this week, a greenfield utility app for back-end administration on a pretty significant iOS/Android app used worldwide. It handles support requests for inappropriate behavior on the platform and allows the support staff to act on them. It's refreshing to work on something that can have a large impact, and may help out the end user in a very positive way.

I've also been hard at work getting my desk setup just the way I want. The riser got here so my Apple 30" Cinema isn't sitting on a box anymore. Having it at eye level has made work this week much more comfortable. I also got my mic setup on a swingarm which tucks away very nicely in front of my Macbook.

My productive workspace
My home office setup, work in progress

I've wanted to keep both my keyboard and Loupedeck+ on my desk at the same time, but when they're both flat it's awkward to reach over the keyboard to the Loupedeck. After working on the basement and getting used to the miter saw, it popped in my head I could make a really simple riser to lift the editing console up and at an angle so I could use both it and the keyboard. I eyeballed the angle at about 20 degrees, then cut down some scrap 2x4 I had. Its about 1.5" before the angle starts to get the bottom edge of the Loupedeck above the F keys on my keyboard, then slopes upwards at 22.5 degrees which was a preset on my saw. The two small blocks rest underneath. I plan on adding a small cross brace since they are just sitting on the desk, sanding them down, then hitting them with a little paint.

Loupedeck+ with keyboard
Custom riser for my Loupedeck+

Another problem I am trying to tackle is cable management. The downside of using the 30" is that the power brick is outside the display, combined with the fact I have to use a Dual-Link DVI adapter which has it's own brick means a ton of cables and bulk to deal with. I didn't want the generic IKEA basket under the desk with everything crammed in, so I bought a Cocoon accessory organizer which is meant for things going in your bag, however I saw on pinterest someone screwed it to the underside of their desk and looped a lot of their cables through. I did a quick dry run before mounting it, and while the power brick for the display is almost too big, it fit in there. Im going to mount it and dedicate some time to get everything in order soon, no more nest of cables on the floor.

Cable management with Cocoon organizer
Cable management with the Cocoon organizer

What I learned:

After working on our internal React app, I was able to setup Stylized Components in the new client app and within a few hours had the rough layout built with a small set of components. I hadn't done it from scratch before, so it was nice to be able to do it on my own.

Positive notes:

One week and a few days of using Notion and I am absolutely hooked. Just leaving the weekly checklist on my second display is helping me stay on track, and seeing what I've completed keeps me in a more positive mindset. I find myself adding little things I keep meaning to do, so when I take a break from work I can usually knock out little items that I keep putting off.

Time to enjoy the weekend, weather should be gorgeous.

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