Keeping With It

What I worked on:

Continuing kickoff of the new client content moderation app, we spun up the codebase and I was able to get Styled Components and Storybook up and running without any issues. I feel a lot better setting this up myself this time and not just picking it up from another designer. The project only has 2 devs and myself acting as the lead UI/UX and front end developer.

Another week using Notion and I am loving it even more. My daily checklists are keeping me on track, and now I find I am sneaking little things to do around the house on there. I can't recall where I heard it but someone was talking about breaking things up into 10 minute chunks. It's so easy to get up and spend 10 minutes on something and then get back to work. I tried it and got a LOT of extra things done. I'd pop down to the garage and break down cardboard boxes, or go out back and sweep the sun porch. Bite sized bursts of productivity that gets me up and moving so I'm not stuck at my desk all day.

What I learned:

Setting up the Styled Components and Storybook was a big milestone for me, so I am happy about that. Apart from that I learned all about replacing an outside spigot on the house. We wanted to play with the water table earlier this week and just realized the handle wouldn't budge. Thankfully there's a good cutoff valve right behind it under our kitchen sink so I didn't have to tear open drywall or a ceiling.

Positive notes:

The weather was perfect for a few days before nose-diving again, but overall its getting nicer. The trees around the house are completely exploding with leaves right now which I absolutely love. Mainly I am just looking forward to the weekend. I'm hoping to get the telescope out for a good cleaning and update the firmware on the electronics which I have been putting off for a while now.

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