Weekly Update

What I worked on:

Week 2 of our 12 week client project and things are shaping up very nicely. Met with the admin team who will be using it and got a good sense of their frustrations and bottlenecks using their current system. We've been working hard getting things setup and the app is already taking shape. I'm wireframing in app and seeing what feels good in browser and what doesn't. Having the devs feed in dynamic data using Faker is really putting a spotlight on certain areas that just doesn't happen in a regular wireframe with Lorem Ipsum.

What I learned:

I'm continuing to work on learning React and really getting the hang of functional components and state hooks. It's a lot easier now to mock out functional content to hand over to the devs. This week I put together a small form submit logic tree that takes a select input and shows different fields based on the first choice made. Seeing that live in the browser quickly was a huge win, and I was able to get feedback from the stakeholder and team quickly.

Positive notes:

I had a bad night of sleep on Tuesday, followed by finding a few Twitter threads of front end developers arguing if JS was a fundamental piece of the web and whether people should bother to build sites that work without it. I was kinda ticked off and fired up a lengthy rambling blog post about it, but set it aside for now. I may come back in a week or two with fresh eyes and see if I got anything good down. Probably not, I think it was about 5am when I started it. The weather is beautiful and its finally not raining. Shutting down work and not thinking about it till Monday morning. Clear skies!

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