10 minute activities

What I worked on:

Week three of my React/TS based client reporting app, and things are going very well. Mapped out the v1 feature set and made sure all of them were present in the working wireframe. A visual design language is coming together using their branding guidelines as a starting point, but I'm also having fun making it stand on its own since it's an internal only tool for a small audience. The client seemed to be very happy with the direction and positive about how things are coming along so far.

What I learned:

I've been interested in learning woodworking for a while now, on more than one occasion joking that I was going to toss my laptop in the garbage and go build furniture. Now I'm taking my first steps in a new journey. I got a miter saw when we moved into the house so I could finish the basement, and yesterday I picked up a sturdy table saw from someone on Craigslist. I have everything I need to build my workbench for the garage and I plan on getting going this weekend. The first thing I did was a simple riser for my Loupedeck+, which was just two wedge shaped wood blocks. I plan on making something nicer now that I have the table saw, I'll probably pick up some scrap walnut and make a second version that isn't simply 'good enough'. The big thing I've learned this past week is how to efficiently use a speed square while woodworking. It's a handy tool that belongs in everyone's toolbox.

Positive notes:

One positive note from this week was that I kept going on my daily planing (now every morning before I get going), and the checklists in Notion are keeping me on track. A few weeks ago I saw a short film called A Mile an Hour - Running a different kind of marathon, where a man ran one mile every hour, and in between did all kinds of tasks around his shop. Little things that normally get ignored. I loved that idea (well, minus the running), so I started building up a list of small tasks around the house. I've been taking 10 minutes of every hour during the work day to get up and try to knock an item off the list. So far this week its been fantastic. I love the approach - even if I don't get entire projects done it's a good feeling just making some progress, plus it breaks up my work day quite nicely.

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