Goodbye Twitter


What I worked on:

This has been a challenging week and trying to stay focused has been difficult. My client project has shifted from focusing on individual features to a cohesive workflow approach. I've always had this in my mind since day 1, however I'm really shaking the app to see what cracks may appear and find anything we might have overlooked. It's already drawn attention to some small things, nothing major, which has me feeling better as we march closer to the halfway point.

With everything going on I have been trying to keep learning as much as I can. As a middle aged white male, my opinions on things really aren't important, so I have been quiet lately, trying to amplify others voices and donate to good causes.

What I learned:

I finally wrapped my head around something I wish I had known when I first started learning React. While refactoring a component I knew I wanted it to have two child components but couldn't just pass them in as {children}. I needed more flexibility. I had come across this problem with a few of my side projects but never quite figured it out. I wondered out loud if I could pass an entire component in as a prop, and sure enough I found a blog post on that exactly: Pass multiple children to a React Component with Slots.

Deviously simple - it's one of those things that makes me say 'oh shit' and want to rush back and refactor more than a few of my previous projects. I both love and hate those moments.

Positive notes:

I've felt for a while that I have a creeping addiction to my phone, I'm always checking it, even when I probably shouldn't be. Some people call it 'Doomscrolling' and lately that feels a bit too on the nose. So, cold turkey, I deleted Twitter and Slack from my phone. Now I allow myself to check Twitter once or twice a day. I imagine this next weekly screen report is going to be way down.

My Notion checklists are not only working, but I'm adding more stuff to them and getting more done. I love the 10 minute approach I talked about in my last post - quick tasks like 'sweep the garage', 'move something downstairs', or 'get started organizing my office closet'. On top of that I am blocking out time slots on my daily calendar for tasks now too. Every morning I take 10 minutes to plan my day, and an additional 10 just to tidy up my home office - dusting, cable management, make sure I'm not leaving dishes around. It gets my day started off in the right direction and mentally shifts me into more of a work mode. Having the time blocked off on my calendar is working, although with a 1 year old who doesn't stick to a perfect sleep schedule means tasks can move around a little bit. That's not changing soon, not a huge deal, and that's where keeping the items on my checklist helps too.

I was able to grab an hour in the hammock yesterday now that it's warm enough. I was surprised to see that my WiFi connected, being that the hammock is a good 150-200' back on the property. I can't stream YouTube or take Zoom calls, but I can work comfortably and focus in the back yard again.

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