What I worked on:

Continued work on the admin/support tool for our client this week. Lots of diving into React and learning new things which is always fun. The big challenge right now is handling translation of messages between the admins and app users. So many what-ifs and weird scenarios makes designing a cohesive and user friendly UI difficult.

What I learned:

I learned about using presenters in React this week, another dev used them in the app and I was able to reverse engineer it and learn from it. Very handy pattern to use, and while I haven't implemented it myself I am looking forward to when I can.

Positive notes:

I rarely impulse buy, but I got an email from CanvasOnSale saying they had something like a 70-90% off sale going on, so I checked to see what the prices actually were. They had 40" x 30" canvas prints on sale for $30, which is insane. I ordered two almost instantly, but it looks like they are behind in fulfilling orders so they won't ship for a little bit. One of the prints I ordered is my capture of the ISS transiting the moon, so I am really eager to see it hanging in my office. It's okay, I can wait, although I keep checking the status page every few hours.

Against my better judgement I also made another impulse buy, a Saturn V rocket lamp was listed at 50% off for $59 dollars. After ordering I'm having some reservations - it looks like its the LEGO kit with some smoke effects that light up underneath, but the LEGO kit originally sold for at least $150 if not more. I also am seeing it pop up in ads from at least 3 different companies. It seems too good to be true, so I may be out $59, but who knows...We'll see what happens.

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