Quint Saves The Day

What I worked on:

Client app work continues, refining even more, making wonderful progress. I've been taking weekly screenshots of the primary interaction screen and seeing the difference between week 1 and week 7 (where we are now) is very motivating.

I stayed up way too late last night working on my side project, where I learned how to query the Google Calendar API to display a list of upcoming events. I hit a stumbling block when I was trying to map an Object, not an array. That's what I get for trying to work through a problem past 1am. However I figured it out and got everything working.

What I learned:

While prepping for this weeks iteration planning meeting I was walking through my demo of the app's chat component. I was filling a ticket with a mock conversation between an Admin and a User, and of course I had to use Jaws quotes. It was going well until I tried using one that was a bit longer and nothing happened. After some quick testing I came to the realization that it was too long. Looking in BBEdit I could tell the text was about 270 characters, and knowing a bit about computer science I knew the first thing to try was knock it down to just below 256 characters. Sure enough it went through just fine. Talking to the devs it seems the DB chat message field was setup as a string, not a text field. Quint saves the day.

Quint from Jaws
Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies

Positive notes:

I have a new stand for my Loupedeck currently clamped and drying which was a lot of fun. I tried my hand at dado cuts, and got some good practice in working with birch plywood. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I want to incorporate, so more on that later...

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