Epiphany at the worst time

What I worked on:

I was off last Friday for the 4th of July, it was nice to have a quiet 3 day weekend. I don't take enough PTO off, the last few years I've fallen into the habit of taking a week off in August, but hoarding the rest of my time off for around Christmas so I don't work much at all around the holidays. With everything going on I need to break out of that and just take some time to work on other things, take a mental break.

We are about 10 weeks into a 12 week engagement with our client, working on a dashboard and content moderation tool for their platform. Moving them from Zendesk to this custom software has been fun, and we've challenged ourselves to try not to just replicate their old workflow. Some features have changed, but others stay the same (the work is exactly the same, so at its core it can't change too much). However I had an epiphany about one of the major interaction points of the app in the middle of a meeting this afternoon. It was a lightning bolt, and it was at the worst time. Two weeks to go on the first block of work and I suddenly want to re-imagine the dashboard? Crap. But I think its going to be a huge win for their users, so I dove in and started tearing up code. I hope to have something to demo on Monday to the dev team so we can pitch it on Wednesday. We'll see how it goes...

Mitered Half Lap Join
That's a crap mitered half lap joint, but I'm learning

I have to take a closer look and make sure the saw blade is perfectly parallel to the miter tracks, as well as upgrade my miter gauge and fence.

What I learned:

Continued work, just minor changes and updates to the UI, until this afternoon. What did I just get myself into?

I snuck some time out in the garage setting up my woodworking shop. I started learning some new joinery, and attempted a mitered half-lap joint. The first one was crap, and the second one was better, but I didn't have time to go back and clean it up. One of the benefits of starting to learn a new skill now that I am older is I have infinitely more patience. Twenty years of photography have taught me I'm not going to produce masterpieces after two weeks in the garage, it's going to take time.

Positive notes:

I plan on sneaking out early Monday morning to photograph the Neowise comet AND an ISS lunar transit if the weather holds. Not looking forward to being up and out the door at 4am, but it'll be fun.

I also bought a jointer for the shop so hopefully I won't have to deal with warped boards. One step at a time...

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