What I worked on:

Monday and Tuesday were spent prepping the demo and pitch to my client for a radical shift on one of the primary interaction points of the app we're building. This is very late in the game so I was nervous that it wouldn't go over well, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Thankfully the demo went really well and the client was delighted with the new direction. On top of that, while it was a large shift in the UI/UX, it didn't have any impact on the backend. We had a working version pushed to master by Friday morning.

What I learned:

Learned to frame a wall properly, 16 on center - not just theory, I actually put it to use. I was also able to sneak a few episodes of the A Beautiful Anarchy podcast, which despite being from a photographer, is about the entire creative process. There was a specific episode about planning and time management which was wonderful to hear, and is going to help me manage both my work and personal life.

Positive notes:

Spent a lot of time working on the house when not in front of my keyboard. I framed in a new wall in the basement and then insulated the exterior walls. I have to run some speaker wire for the theater, take care of a few other little things, but after that we're ready for drywall.

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