Weekly Update

What I worked on:

Not a bad week. On Wednesday I demoed a fully functional version of what we call the "Triage" view for our client app, and our stakeholder was very happy with what he saw. He wants to move ahead with this direction and thankfully we did all the work last week for the pitch since we only have a week or so left on the project. When I came up with the idea last Friday I made sure there would be little to no development work, just a major refactor of the presentation layer, and I was rewarded. There will have to be some optimizations on the DB queries, but that's not a major issue.

What I learned:

Most of the week was a blur between prepping for the pitch Wednesday and then implementing feedback Thursday and Friday morning I didn't have much of a chance to breathe. I can't specifically recall learning anything, but I got some time in on Friday working on my internal React app. With little effort I built out a proof of concept for searching a few different sets of information at once and presenting them in one cohesive view. This app is long overdue to launch, I was hoping to have something up by the holiday break last year, but I can't push to production without some developer help. Hopefully I'll have a better idea about when this will happen on Tuesday.

Positive notes:

My home office is really coming together nicely now. I installed two very long floating shelves and finally can display some fun keepsakes I've had in storage for literally decades - my old Apple gear, a beautiful Aerith figure from FFVII, my autographed NIN Ghosts box set, and a bunch of photos. All that is left is picking up the two bookcases my friend set aside for me when the pandemic started, a coat of paint, and I can call version 1 done.

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