Weekly Update

What I worked on:

Since our client engagement ended I took a week off to unwind and just work on finishing the basement. The past week has been catching up on internal projects and a quick interview with a potential consulting gig with another development company.

What I learned:

The main focus last week was home improvement and I was able to finish hanging the drywall in the basement. I've learned a lot during the process and have some mistakes to clean up, but overall the process went really well. I made one pass for the horizontal seams and then focused on the bulkhead - getting those corners to be straight and plumb is difficult, but I believe they'll turn out great.

Drywall day 1
First round of drywall

Positive notes:

The client engagement ended which was disappointing, I never like rolling off projects, however it ended heading in a positive direction. We got some great feedback and I am hoping to pick the project back up soon. Other than that, the basement is coming together very nicely and I hope to start mudding and taping this weekend. Also its corn season again and farm stands are popping up everywhere, so we've been able to enjoy delicious corn on the cob with dinner a few times this past week. I love late summer/early fall.

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