Weekly Update

What I worked on:

Most of the week was spent on internal projects, helping out with a few different things. I'm getting ramped up on Qwilr, a tool used to create sales proposals, we'll see how that goes. I was also able to spend some more time on my Rails OAuth wrapper app. I attempted to use a few different gems but things got too gunked up so I nuked it and started over. I tried using the Basecamp OAuth gem which seemed to have some good documentation, but something isn't wired up because Google is complaining i'm not passing the client_id along with the login request. I'll have to troubleshoot that next week.

What I learned:

Nothing of note at work this week, however I did some more experimentation working on the basement, and am getting a better feel for mudding drywall. I think my mix has been too solid, I tried adding more water today and it went much smoother. Despite this being my first major renovation I'd say its gone rather smoothly, I only have a few tape blisters here and there.

Positive notes:

The basement project is full steam ahead. The hardest part so far is just mudding the ceiling joints, I haven't done any significant work over my head in years, so my shoulders and neck are killing me. Thankfully I don't have to get everything done in one shot, however all the wall tape is done, I'm just down to the ceiling butt joints. Not looking forward to those this weekend.

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