Weekly Update

What I worked on:

This week was spent working on some internal projects, and also recruiting some people to help me get my React app over the finish line. I started writing a generic Rails application to serve as an OAuth layer, hopefully we can use it as a stock app and swap in different React apps when needed.

What I learned:

Nothing ground-breaking this week, however as a goof I started writing a simple little Javascript app where I got to refresh myself on arrays, randomizing them, pushing to them, etc. I think I've finally gotten to the point where writing Javascript is kind of fun because I know enough to get rolling fast and don't get hung up on simple things. It's still confusing at times, but progress!

Positive notes:

Two big positives from this week: First we headed out to our favorite apple orchard and got some cider donuts which were delicious. Their orchard wasn't open for picking yet, so we'll head back in a few weeks, however we've gotten a photo in the big chair out front 13 years in a row now. Check for 2020. Second, the basement is coming along nicely. Taping is almost finished, just a few more ceiling seams to button up and then sanding and round two (okay four) of mudding and sanding. Then install electrical for the outlets and I plan on running an LED strip tucked into the crown molding for some ambient light. After all that painting and moving on to the big decision: flooring. Still loads to do, but its amazing seeing it start to take shape.

Basement drywall and mudding
Basement drywall taping and mudding
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