Weekly Update

What I worked on:

I got tripped up working on a simple contact page. I whipped up a fun design where a headline has an array of adjectives that it swaps in and out. The big problem was our Circle CI Lighthouse plugin was flagging the fade-in/fade-out animation as not passing accessibility standards for color contrast. On top of that, I learned if you have a span in a headline, VoiceOver on iOS stops reading when it hits the span, reads whats in it and stops, and then continues afterwards. I'm still wrestling with it and its 4pm on Friday. I got it to the point where Lighthouse was passing locally but when I opened my PR it failed on the server side check. I'm about to throw my laptop out the window.

What I learned:

I spent some time on Wednesday testing VoiceOver on iOS, using it to navigate both websites and the iPhone itself. I highly recommend anyone who develops websites or applications to give it a try. It is enlightening to interact with technology from a visually impaired perspective.

Positive notes:

Its a three day weekend and the weather is perfect. I hope I don't spend it working on the basement, but we'll see...

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