Drinking from the firehose

This week was ramping up on a new client project, and its probably one of the more complex system I have been tossed into before. I was able to stay on my feet and start delivering code, however some of my teammates got kneecapped with some bad estimation and were struggling with their work.

This week's win(s)

Getting tossed into a very complex Angular project and being leaned on to deliver quickly was daunting, but I was able to build out a fragment with unit testing which I've never done for a client before. I'm wrapping my head around assertions and getting familiar with the actual structure, thank goodness I've been around 8th Light long enough to have the theory side of things just baked into my thought process.

This week's challenges

Despite actually delivering code, it was challenging. There are a LOT of moving parts around not only how the system works, but their process as well. Even just opening a PR is something pretty complicated and I'm working my way through it right now. I'll have a better idea of how everything works next week.

Something I found interesting

I absolutely love 90's music, so I was amazed when Kottke shared 'The Songs of 1990' a video mashup of 60 songs. Check it out.

Learn with me

I've been thrown head first into unit testing on this project, so I have to read up as much as I can on Jasmine quickly. I was able to bang out my tests for my simple static fragment, but things are going to get more complex as I get up to speed.

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