Home Improvement

I'm getting my feet planted on my new client project - I'm already delivering code and feeling pretty good about how much domain knowledge I have. There are some organizational challenges as things shift and settle, but nothing too significant.

This week's win(s)

I was able to get my first fragment through code review and QA which made me let out a big sigh of relief. The code review only complained about one line of code and how I was setting up a class chain, but apart from that everything went great.

The other big push this week was working on the house. I got two coats of paint on the home theater with one more to go, the projector is in but needs some fine tuning, and I was able to start building a custom kitchen pantry which is desperately needed. When we moved in the pantry was just a small closet with 4 shelves, probably original to the house. I'm custom building an insert with adjustable shelves and pull out drawers. I have most of the framework assembled, and will hopefully start building the drawer boxes next week.

This week's challenges

While working on my second fragment this week I stumbled across a sizeable issue: the projects button classes were not complete. There were missing styles, some styles were incorrect, and the icon option did not inherit the appropriate text color. So I had to deviate and fix that while the fragment gets put on the back burner for now. The button was the last thing I was working on, so once those style fixes come through the fragment should be complete as well.

Learn with me

As I continue the home improvement push this fall, I'm learning a lot more about cabinet and drawer building, and I started watching a three part video series on the subject.

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