Home Improvement Continued

Another week on my client project and things are being shaken up, and scope is constricting in order to hit a deadline coming up. Lots of work to do and it feels like we're constantly shooting moving targets.

This week's win(s)

I was able to get the carcass and shelves into the custom pantry I'm building in the kitchen. It was tough freehand cutting everything with the circular saw but even going slow I was able to get most of the large pieces square to within 1/8" or so, not too bad. I still plan on getting a track for the saw at some point. This weekend I plan to start building out the drawer boxes and get that middle third to a useable state. Here's a quick before and after (well, in progress).

Before and after of the custom pantry build
Custom pantry - the carcass and shelves are in

This week's challenges

The tech leads on my project identified a serious issue with the design architecture they were using, where the Angular fragments we have been building won't be consumable by a particular app, so they halted work on those and shifted priorities. The problem is that a few days later they pivoted again. I know they're scrambling, but it feels like we're pitching a lot of work done overboard in order to hit an arbitrary deadline. I don't have enough global scope to understand the deadline push, hopefully I'll get some more insight soon, but for now its just heads down and work.

Learn with me

I have some edge-banding arriving in a few days, so I have to get up to speed on the technique quickly in order to cover up the raw edges in the pantry. It seems pretty straight forward, we'll see how it goes.

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