Back on the bike

A difficult week at the client, but trying to stay positive.

This week's win(s)

Back in high school and college I used to ride my trusty Linear recumbent all summer long, but for a few years it's been hanging up in my dads garage collecting dust. He finally dropped it off at the house, and I was able to get everything reassembled and in working order. I need to adjust the derailleurs and brakes, but other than that its as good as new. That's especially hard to believe since I first got it I believe in the summer of 1995. For being 25 years old its held up like a tank. I'm hoping to get a few rides in before it gets cold, and then next year do some long distance riding.

Iowa built Linear recumbent
Iowa built Linear recumbent - 1995 or so

This week's challenges

Work was extra challenging this week as the client pivoted a few times and we've been trying to hit a moving target. Despite this I made a big push today to get some solid work in and will start on a positive note Monday.

Learn with me

I'm trying to be better about setting goals and making plans, so for long distance riding I'm looking at bike trails in Illinois and a really neat bike trip planning tool.. I really hope I can get some rides in before it gets too cold. C'mon weather!

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