First ride

5.49 Miles, 31m

Alarm at 5:30, out the door by 6. Not a bad ride, very cold, but felt okay. Two major problems - first my earbuds only worked in the right ear and the music kept stopping because it thought I was pressing the button all the time, and second, the steering keeps getting pretty loose. I need to figure that out. About 2 miles in and the handlebars were pretty floppy, thankfully I came prepared with tools and tightened up the bolt, but it was loose again when I rolled into the driveway.

Linear recumbent at dusk
Dusk ride - beat the sun

Overall a great ride, it'll be nice when I can ride in warmer weather, but it's just that time of year. Also picked up some trash - some cyclist left a burst inner tube out at my rest spot, so I tossed it in the saddle bag and into the trash when I got home. I'll have to remember to pack a small garbage bag with me when I go out next time.

Next up is turn this specific ride into a loop where I cut south and circle back home instead of just turning around. Then hopefully the weather holds so I can rack up some miles before it gets too cold. Onwards!

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