Looking up

This week's win(s)

Getting back on track with work and delivering features at a pace I'm more comfortable with, so things are looking up. My LEGO Saturn V arrived and I stole a few hours the other night, assembling the third stage and I am completely blown away by the build quality and just sheer size of the kit. Looking forward to completing it soon.

Linear recumbent at sunrise
Linear recumbent at dawn

This week's challenges

Just more headaches with getting pulled in different directions in terms of what to work on. I was able to pivot quickly given the circumstances, but there's still a story from a sprint or two ago that they keep punting on and since it has my name on it I'm a little frustrated. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it back up soon.

Learn with me

While waiting for a few packages to I stumbled across a video on how overnight shipping works, which I found absolutely fascinating. I heard a talk at a conference years ago from one of the heads of logistics for UPS and on the surface that sounds boring but so much is involved it makes your head spin.

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