Winter is coming

This week's win(s)

Got the bike in good shape although winter is coming. RAGBRAI registration opens in December but I think im going to wait until '22. I just can't justify leaving for a week when we're (hopefully) just coming out of a pandemic. Also taking a solo vacation when we didn't do a family one last year is a tad selfish.

I also was able to fully assemble my official LEGO Saturn V kit and I am just astonished at the build, it was utterly insane. I'll write a full post on that soon.

Flooring for the basement is purchased and ready for install, so I'll be tackling that next week.

This week's challenges

Another difficult week on my client project, this is the point where management starts circling in and disrupting hoping to speed things up. We're shifting from 2 week sprints to kanban continuous work, and the client devs are all working on the weekends. We politely declined that one.

Learn with me

Speaking of the Saturn V, I love the story about the greatest software hack ever, that saved the Apollo 14 mission.

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