Weekly update

This week's win(s)

We're having a pretty strong push towards a hard deadline and even though things are still moving we're seeing a lot of progress.

I also started installing the flooring in the theater downstairs, and once I got into a groove I was able to lay down the rows quickly.

Installing flooring
Flooring install coming along

This week's challenges

The big challenge this week was getting blocked on a story trying to trigger a server error modal window in our app. I don't know exactly how to trigger the modal by causing an error. I dove into the web inspector and tried blocking some API urls but didn't have much luck. Hopefully I can figure it out or get some help Monday morning.

Learn with me

Setting up the basement theater means getting caught up on all the audio/visual tech advances, and let me tell you, its confusing. I had to do a lot of research before buying a projector and stereo, and during that I came across Chris Majestic's YouTube channel, specifically a video about all the different specs involved. I'm still figuring it all out, but at least I have a better idea.

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