New Recumbent

This week's win(s)

I was able to take some time off for Thanksgiving, and while we stayed home it was nice just to step away from the computer and relax for a few days.

Now that I've been riding my recumbent bike lately, my wife has expressed interest in getting one for herself. I had been scanning Craigslist and Ebay with no luck, however I checked Facebook Marketplace one afternoon and found a Linear LWB that looked to be in amazing condition. It was almost identical to mine except in black, and even better was only a few hours north in Wisconsin. Definitely worth checking out since Linears don't pop up too often. After reaching out to the seller I hopped in the car and drove up north. Turns out it is a 1999, being sold by the original owners daughter - he got too old to ride and thankfully took great care of it (it even came with the original receipt and sales brochures). The front cranks have been replaced and are too close to the chain guard and the seat pad absolutely disintegrated over the years, but apart from that its like new. I took it home and now my 1995 has a sibling. I'll probably write up a detailed post about the two of them soon.

Linear Recumbents
Our new (to us) Linear Recumbent

This week's challenges

Getting back into the swing of things at work after a break is always challenging, but it wasn't too bad. We are racing for a December 17th deadline but since the team pushed so hard before Thanksgiving the hard work is paying off and we don't have any huge hurdles to clear before then.

Learn with me

I've been in love with recumbent bikes since 1995 when my dad and I bought a pair of them, so when I found that Peter from Bicycle Man in New York gave a lecture about the history of recumbents I was excited. Its a fun deep dive into their history and variations over the years, just what a history and cycling nerd like me loves.

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