Weekly Update

This week's win(s)

I typically take a good chunk of time off around Christmas & New Years, and that was the plan for 2020 as well, so I was surprised when I logged into our time tracking app and realized I had not one, but two full weeks of PTO to burn. I had only planned on one, so getting an extra week off is a nice end of year surprise, but I'm not sure how I will spread it out. We have a tight deadline of the 17th for my client project, so we'll see how everything plays out.

This week's challenges

This week has been okay, there were some small challenges with delivering a few stories, but nothing major. After our hard push right before Thanksgiving things have calmed down quite a bit. It's nice not to be rushing as we approach the launch date - we're down to small fixes here and there.

Learn with me

I haven't looked closely at it yet, but I'll share this tweet here so I can circle back to it - Andy Bell shared a tip for spacing around targeted elements which in the past has been pretty tricky. Something worth looking into.

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