Back at it

This week's win(s)

With all the chaos going on surrounding the election and inauguration next week, I think the fact that I was able to get some work done this week was a win on its own. It's our last week on the client project and despite the challenges we hit our launch goal. I was skeptical around Thanksgiving since the client's engineers were working weekends and a most evenings, and things were not in the best shape, but all that hard work paid off and we launched.

This week's challenges

Since launch the focus of the team has been testing and bug fixing, so I was shifted into more of a standby and help out position, meaning there wasn't a lot on my plate at the time. It was difficult feeling like I was providing value to the team and being productive while not taking on something I couldn't wrap up by the end of the week.

Learn with me

I haven't been able to take a deep dive into it yet, but it looks like aspect-ratio is finally coming to CSS! No more padding-top hacks and work arounds to maintain div sizes. I'm really looking forward to taking time to read through CSS Tricks first look at 'aspect-ratio' article and then frantically looking back over past projects to see where I need to update my code.

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