Weekly Update

This week's win(s)

With some help I was able to get past my Typescript issue, so while I don't have as much momentum as I did before, it's still nice to see a problem in the rear view mirror. I rolled onto another internal project, which is just getting started, and was able to ramp up quickly. It's written in React so I'm hitting the ground running there, and I was able to setup a Styled Components approach which I really enjoy working with.

This week's challenges

I was having a hard time with type declarations where it was complaining about an array possibly being undefined, and then would complain about a string not being assignable to a string[]. I'm still trying to keep it all straight.

Learn with me

Not really an academic study or problem, but this past week I discovered a YouTube series about a man sailing his Contessa 26 sailboat around the world solo, and I think it's absolutely fascinating. I was lucky enough to take sailing lessons in my youth and while I never did anything on that scale, it's still fun to watch. Check out his YouTube channel - Sailing Wave Rover for some great videos.

Looking ahead

It's Super Bowl weekend, which in the pandemic means very little. Looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with the family. The temperatures next week are going to be flirting with 0 every day, so it's definitely time to stay inside.

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