Weekly Update

This week's win(s)

Not a bad week overall as I got ramped up to full speed on our internal learning tool application. After our IPM on Wednesday I have a much better understanding of how the app is intended to work, and additionally another designer joined to focus on wireframing and UX, leaving me to continue focusing on component construction and actually building the app. Also a huge win I was able to fix the space bar on my USB Apple keyboard, the best keyboard in the world. I tried getting one of those clicky big keyboards that all the devs drool over, but I just can't get used to that much key travel. The keyboard on the MacBook itself is too slim, however the old wired (yes I am a luddite) Apple keyboards are just perfect.

This week's challenges

With my initial Typescript problems behind me I started trying to tackle click events and passing props between parent/child components and again hit a few setbacks, although nothing major. Figuring out how to wire up click events is different than React, so getting nested components to be interactive is proving to be a tad tricky. I'll figure it out...

Learn with me

In the spirit of the Looking Ahead section, next Thursday the NASA Perseverance rover will be landing on Mars, repeating Curiosity's sky crane maneuver to touch down on the surface.

Looking ahead

On Monday half of my basement renovations will be semi-complete - the home theater/screening room seating arrives in the afternoon and I can't wait. Once they're in I can shift my focus to the other half and get the paint finished and put the last of the floor down. It's been a challenging year in more ways than one, but to see the basement go from bare studs to livable space all on my own is not something I even thought possible.

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