Nine Years

This week's win(s)

This week 9 years ago I made the jump from IT work fixing PCs and living paycheck to paycheck to full time software development. I've been at 8th Light for almost a decade and its been an amazing journey. When I was hired in 2012 I was employee number 20 something, and now we have 160+ across five offices (well, sort of because of COVID). I still love working there and don't want to change it anytime soon.

My team at work also got some amazing news that I can't share yet, but it energized us and we're all really optimistic about the future. More on that later...

This week's challenges

This weeks big challenge came last minute...literally. Friday afternoon I was asked to jump on a call with a potential client and run through a design discovery exercise. The client role played being a business owner looking for a design exploration project and I had to play the designer leading up the effort. While I'm 100% fine doing that in real live, doing a role play, especially last minute, was getting me out of my comfort zone. I did fine and leaned into it, and everything turned out okay. Just a few minutes after getting off the call I got a message that I needed to jump on a call with their team preparing for a kickoff meeting on Monday, so the definitely liked me.

Learn with me

NASA's Perseverance rover touched down successfully on Mars Thursday which was a blast to watch live. One of the cooler parts was being able to watch the simulation of what was going on side by side with mission control. You can go back and watch the dreaded '7 minutes of terror' at NASA's Eyes website.

Looking ahead

I didn't have a lot of time to process the whole ordeal, but it looks like I'm kicking off a project with my client starting Monday morning, so I'm really looking forward to a few weeks of design exploration. It won't be user facing, from what I gather we're exploring the clients API services and data structures. Going to be busy next week!

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