Tossed in the Deep End

This week's win(s)

Work went from a meandering pace to full sprint in about an hour last Friday and hasn't let up yet. The big win that is now keeping me sane is I got the home theater setup in the basement last week. The reclining theater seats arrived and we've been enjoying some cinema level movie experiences in the evenings this week. The highlight being The Queens Gambit on Netflix. Usually I'm so far behind on pop culture, so I was pleasantly surprised when we decided to check out what the hype was about. I absolutely loved the series, what a terrific show, Netflix did an amazing job - the characters, the story, the production, costumes, and especially the music. After watching a few other things I have a hunch we're going to circle back and re-watch it again soon.

This week's challenges

This week was one of the most challenging that I can remember. I'm a designer on a team of three people exploring a clients database structure, talking to their developers and users about pain points and figuring out where to start improving their infrastructure. I'm very comfortable doing user interviews, finding pain points, putting together affinity maps and everything, but the fact that I'm finding problems that I know I can't even remotely provide solutions for is unsettling. The mountain of knowledge we had to digest this week was borderline overwhelming, but we made it through. I've already talked to my PM about what my trajectory on the project is going to be and that we might want to bring in an infrastructure expert sooner than later so when we start looking at solutions we have some more experience at the table. We'll see where next week takes us!

Learn with me

I've been an Apple user since I sat on my dads lap poking around on our Apple II, so I love Apple history as well. For some reason this week, the story of Sosumi popped in my head, so I wanted to verify that what I recalled was true (it was). Jim Reekes was a sound engineer at Apple back in the 90s, and when they were developing System 7 Apple was in a legal battle with The Beatles' Apple Corps. Long story short, Jim was pissed at the lawyers demanding that system sounds couldn't be too musical, so out of frustration he called one 'Sosumi', or So Sue Me. You can read the full story here, as well as see a few clips of him explaining it.

Looking ahead

The weather is starting to turn, I went outside the other day and didn't immediately feel like I was going to die, so that's definitely something to look forward to. I got my recumbent bike tuned up and ready to start riding when it gets a bit more comfortable outside. I was hoping to make some more upgrades but apparently the backlog for all bike components is still messed up due to 2020. Hopefully I can get my hands on parts this summer, we'll see...

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