Treading Water

This week's win(s)

Big win this week was getting the recumbent in great shape and ready for the season. I took it up to The Bike Rack for a thorough cleaning and tune-up, they replaced the stretched brake & shifter cables, but surprisingly the drivetrain was in great shape. Not bad for being 25 years old.

The rear tire was pretty much worn through so I replaced it with a new tube and it rides great. This is the first Schwalbe I've had.

New Schwalbe Marathon Plus
New Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire and tube

I went for a quick 2 mile ride around the neighborhood and everything was smooth as silk. Can't wait for the weather to really get up above 50 so I can do some longer rides.

This week's challenges

The project at work is still difficult but at least I have my feet underneath me. There's 4 of us on the project, the director, 2 developers, and myself. The major challenge is that we are exploring a database and API system, and are looking for problems to explore solutions for. I have significant experience doing user research, personas, etc.., but I've never worked on a project where I know I won't be able to offer solutions. I will be entirely relying on the opinions of the developers. It's a tad unsettling.

Learn with me

Just a quick tech-tip for the MacOS Calendar app - I have almost a dozen calendars listed so my month view is almost impossible to parse, and I was curious if you can quickly display only one specific calendar at a time. Turns out, yes you can! On the left hand side where they are all listed, simply hold Command + Option and click the checkbox of the calendar you want to view. To show all the other calendars again, hold Command and click any of the hidden calendars to show the rest again.

Looking ahead

The weather for the next week has us going from the mid 30's up into the mid 60's, so I'm itching to get out on the bike. I've spent the past few months watching bike touring videos and random YouTube vlogs about riding which I know is a horrible thing to do when you're cooped up in the house and there's 3 feet of snow on the ground.

Also I'm looking at upgrading the rear wheel, cassette, and cranks, going from a 3x7 setup to a 2x9 or 10 which means new shifters as well. I hope it's not a huge expense as I can't justify dropping a ton of money since the bike is so old. However the tech at The Bike Rack said just about every bike component supply chain is months behind, so I may have to sock some money away and wait till later in the summer.

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